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20/1 Mbit Internet

Suitable for :

ADSL Connection.

49.95 € a month
incl. IVA
30.00 € in set up
Item number: adsl-solo-en
Conditions for the ADSL:
3 months contract, if the subscription is cancelled within the duration date, at €40,00 incl. IVA. cancelation fee will apply.
Conditions for standby of the connection:
Minimum standby period for the subscription: 3 months.
Maximum standby period for the subscription: 6 months.
The entire standby period must be confirmed min. a month before activation of standby period.
1 st month of standby is €35,00 incl. IVA including the activation of service. The monthly cost will be only €10,00 €incl. IVA for the following months of standby.
A standby must be activated from the 1st of any month.